Good reading, and not ‘Just for Kids’

Today with discussion of changes in our schools, from cutbacks to Common Core, there is something that will help educate students at no cost to taxpayers. It is free resources for teachers and students through the NIE (Newspapers in Education) program.

What better way to have students read more than a daily newspaper?

Each week in Saturday’s newspaper, on the Just for Kids page (A6), there are serial stories such as “Roosevelt, Borroughs and the Trip that Saved Nature,” which is presently running, along with facts, words and puzzles. In the past there has been a series called “Famous New Yorkers,” and our next series will be “Women’s History Month,” a four-part mini NIE series starting this Saturday.

School classrooms are able to receive free copies of the newspapers by the teacher just calling our circulation department and requesting them. This is made possible by the generous support of businesses and private contributors, helping make a difference in the education of our students.

Some series that aren’t in the print version of the Enterprise can also be downloaded by going to the New York News Publishers Association website at There you can find an array of content from “Handbook on Family and Community Engagement,” “Agriculture Literacy Week,” “Constitutional Rights,” “Ronnie: A Story About Autism, Child Labor in the Early 20th Century,” etc.

Each lesson is tailored to the current issues on the website. Teachers or parents of home-schooled children can get more ideas for lessons by requesting the e-newsletter by emailing our Circulation Department

One great thing about the Enterprise’s Just for Kids page is that adults tell us they enjoy reading the serial stories, too. So don’t let the name fool you. We hope adults and children will enjoy it, learn from it and even experience it together as a family.