Hard for public to invest in private railroad

To the editor:

There has recently been a call for increasing the frequency of train trips on the Montreal-to-New York corridor, and a major track upgrade to boot. Then passengers would presumably disembark at Westport and catch a bus to the Tri-Lakes area.

There is but one problem with this approach: The rails in question are owned by CP Rail, a Canadian company. They have their own freight schedules that can change without notice, which is why Amtrak can only run one train a day on this route. While I’m sure CP Rail would be more than happy for New York taxpayers to foot the bill of a massive track upgrade, its legality is rather cloudy.

Perhaps Adirondack Recreational Trail Advocates members should instead argue for that money to be spent on a trail AND rail from Lake Placid to Remsen. One of the train cars could presumably carry snowmobiles. There are, after all, thousands of miles of existing snowmobile trails in the North Country.

Keep the rails. Build the trails.

Emmett Hoops

Saranac Lake