Site would be better as a park

To the editor:

Regarding the large hotel proposed for the site of the current three motels along Lake Flower, Steven Sonnenberg and Rachel Rice have expressed our feelings exactly. We live in Rainbow Lake and often drive past the motels. We think the idea of this area being converted instead to a park is a great idea. Long ago, the village made it possible for buildings along Lake Flower to be removed, creating a lovely park with views from the highway of the lake and mountains. This created room for strollers and even a large ice castle during Winter Carnival. If the village could do this years ago, why not continue this good stewardship today and extend the park around Pontiac Bay along the Lake Flower lakefront?

Furthermore, we believe that the traffic problem this proposed hotel would create would be disastrous, not only for residents but for visitors as well. Though the worst of this would be during construction, after that the traffic problem would still continue to plague us.

Also, why encourage competition against the planned, restored Hotel Saranac? This historic hotel should get all the support possible to bring it back to its former glory. Can we really believe that two large hotels in Saranac Lake would each have sustainable clientele?

The Saranac Lake village board has the power and responsibility for keeping the village a desirable place for both local residents and tourists. We hope that the Saranac Lake Planning Board will consider this hotel proposal very carefully and not bend to the idea of an increased tax base. Please think about what all the consequences could be and what concerned members of the public have been saying.

Very sincerely,

Pat and Tom Willis

Rainbow Lake