Pushups for Emma Saturday

PAUL SMITHS – The Paul Smith’s College Veterans Club is gearing up to help a local girl with an incurable genetic disorder in their own unique way: by cranking out pushups.

The fundraiser, titled Pushups for Emma, begins at 8 a.m. Saturday in the Saunders Sports Complex gymnasium.

It will benefit Emma Dalton, a 7-year-old from Paul Smiths who has Rett syndrome, a neurological disorder that affects her ability to walk, talk and effectively use her hands.

The Paul Smith’s veterans are currently collecting sponsors who will give them a fixed sum of money for each pushup they can muster in an hour. Donors pledge a minimum of a penny per pushup, though there’s no limit, while that may not sound like a lot of money, one veteran managed 790 pushups during a similar fundraiser last year.

All donations will be given to the Dalton family, who hope to raise enough money to have a van custom-fitted for wheelchair accessibility.

To sponsor a vet or donate directly, call Amy Tuthill, director of veteran and transfer services, at 518-327-6862.