Sad to hear about Babcocks’ deaths

To the editor:

I read about Alvin and Betty Babcock.

I feel so bad for them. They really loved life. He started working for me back in 1990. He was our farmhand. That man worked with me over 10 years.

He left only because his wife Betty wanted to move from Tupper Lake more north.

He was raised on a farm near Watertown. He used to say it was a good life. Lived with mother, father, grandmother. Only went to school for a few years. He was needed to work on their farm. Had about a dozen siblings. He taught me so much about the farm life. He taught us to harness the horse and all about driving the carrage. Was full of old farm stories. All I can say is, “Old Al did not deserve this, and neither did Betty.” RIP, you two.

Donna Adams

Long Lake