Dog control officer upset over job loss

To the editor:

I have been dog control officer for seven years in Tupper Lake. In March of 2013 I was injured at my full-time job and had to take seven months off of work. In the meantime, the town of Tupper Lake found a fill-in for me until I was able to return as DCO.

When I was able to return to my job, I was informed by the new town supervisor that were going to keep my fill-in on as DCO because he needs the money and has a family. I tried to explain that that’s why I had the extra job, because I also need the money, and I have a family, too. I got nowhere with her, and I couldn’t even get a return phone call after our first conversation.

I feel, after seven years of doing a good job, I should have been given my job back.

Bill Moody

Tupper Lake