What about the motel owners?

To the editor:

Remaining neutral regarding the Lake Flower resort hotel proposal, I respect the rights and opinions of those commenting on the situation. At the same time, I wonder how the motel owners must feel over the opposition and the prospect of losing out on a golden opportunity.

Keeping small motels operating today has to be a Herculean task with endless hours of work, little retirement benefits, high energy costs, continual upkeep expenses, rising taxes and insurance, along with more and more vacancies.

If these properties are acquired, the owners may finally reap the benefits of their labors and a reward that brings financial security – something we all dream about.

My hope is that the final resolve benefits all concerned. If this were long ago, I think a philanthropic individual would propose a sweeter financial counter-offer acceptable to these property owners and to restore the view. Where have you gone, Ed Guggenheim?

Ken Wiley

Saranac Lake