Super-sized hotel

To the editor:

Anyone who has been through Dannemora will remember seeing its famous/infamous wall on the main thoroughfare. The wall is 30 feet high and overwhelming. Now DOUBLE that height, and that is what Saranac Lake village has preliminarily agreed to allow on Lake Flower Avenue.

Traffic in front of the proposed hotel is the most problematic in the village right now. Even a scaled-down version would make it worse. These also are big SUV clients. We are all waiting to see how the New York State Department of Transportation figures this out. Where can they put in a new road to relieve traffic?

Reading the mayor’s commentary, he said, consider the fact the hotel will have 90 rooms. Hard to consider any fact, but sure sounds like he’s banking on it.

Jobs: Desk clerks, housekeeping and valet are few and won’t fill the coffers for the wages they represent.

On the positive side, Mayor Rabideau said this will lessen the tax burden for Saranac Lakers, but what dollar amount can village homeowners expect to see in reduction of village taxes? People need to know. Will sewer and water bills come down, too? Or will new stresses on those utilities go up?

Are your village planning board and village board selling your beautiful village out by having this super-sized hotel built on Lake Flower and Lake Flower Avenue? There is a place for a large, stretched, five-story hotel in Saranac Lake, but not there.

Sean McHugh

Lake Clear