Healing through aerobics

To the editor:

I broke my right femur in the middle of December. I thought, this is the end of me at almost 93. Wrong. I got excellent care at Uihlein and won’t take space and time to thank everyone who took such good care of me. Thank you. After rehab, I went home with an exit plan; that was the name they used for getting rid of me.

Here is the real reason I am writing this. I could not walk freely. I had a walker. I had poles. I was scared to move. I happen to have one 33 rpm record in my record cabinet: Jacki Sorensen, aerobic dancing. I put that music on. I was back in Port Jeff, teaching aerobics at the elementary school gym. I was back teaching aerobics in Germany at the Kneipp school. I was back teaching aerobics at Port Jeff Beach. I was back teaching Jacki Sorensen’s aerobic dancing at Belle Terre village hall, and my mind went back to teaching Jacki Sorensen’s aerobic dancing to Ursula Trudeau and Milli Distin and I can’t remember who else was in that class. And I started to move, to dance, to feel the steps, no walker, no poles, no holding on, and this is the way my healing has progressed.

Why am I telling you this? I want to bring Jacki Sorensen’s aerobic dancing back to Saranac Lake with the help of our new dance teacher, Barbara Sheehy, who is giving me a few moments in her June 8 recital at Pendragon Theatre, and she said there may even be a second performance. Barbara has given me a few minutes at the end.

Lilo Levine

Saranac Lake