Tupper Lake will crack down on loud exhausts

TUPPER LAKE – If your vehicle has a loud exhaust, be forewarned: village Mayor Paul Maroun has heard enough.

Maroun said he has received more complaints and calls about loud exhausts than anything else, and he said village police are cracking down.

“We are going to start enforcing these trucks with loud noises,” Maroun said. “I’ve talked to our chief, I’ve talked to our attorney, and I’ve also talked to our village justice. It needs to stop.”

Maroun issued a stern warning at the last village meeting to all scofflaws who are driving through Tupper Lake with loud exhaust. Police could issue a nuisance ticket for the noise, and a traffic stop opens the door to further inquiry, he said.

“Without a decibel reader, it is difficult to enforce,” Maroun said. “We wanted to do what some villages and cities are doing where they actually say anything that is added to a muffler, that’s not from the factory, is illegal. It’s been questionable in the courts and we don’t have a decibel reader, but if they get pulled over they’re going to get ticketed under the nuisance law.”

Village Clerk Mary Casagrain questioned the objectivity of a decibel reader.

“Even with the reader, who’s to say the background noise of someone’s car radio isn’t responsible?” Casagrain asked. “How are you to prove that the decibel reader is only picking up that one noise and not someone walking by with their kid screaming in the carriage?”

Trustee Rick Donah also questioned how the issue would be handled in a just manner.

“So, if I’m driving my Harley-Davidson down the road and my muffler is just as loud as one of these trucks, am I going to get pulled over?” Donah asked. “My point is, is this going to be applied equally and is it going to be fair?”

Maroun replied that factory exhaust systems would be exempt from the crackdown, and moved on to other business.