Franklin County hires new DMV supervisor

MALONE – The supervisor position at the Department of Motor Vehicles won’t be left vacant.

The Franklin County Board of Legislators agreed to let county Clerk Kip Cassavaw immediately fill DMV Supervisor Cathy DeCosse’s position when she retires. Her last day is Tuesday.

DeCosse has been employed by the county for 30 years and works in the Saranac Lake and Malone offices. She will be replaced by DMV cashier Lynn Goyea, who has worked for the county for 14 years. The board also gave Cassavaw permission to fill that position.

The salary for the cashier’s position is negotiable, but Cassavaw urged the board to start Goyea at $51,708, the same as DeCosse made. That’s almost $3,000 more than Goyea makes now.

“I will warn you ahead of time that the person that’s moving in there, if you expect her to do the same things that Cathy is doing, the same amount of work, I would expect she’s going to have to be paid what Cathy is making,” Cassavaw said.

Cassavaw said Goyea has been working side-by-side with DeCosse for the last two months and won’t require training. The county can backfill Goyea’s position for a lower salary.

No one on the board disputed the promotion, but Chairman Billy Jones did reflect upon it.

“I always thought the salary of someone leaving, who had been here 30 years – I always thought the salary of the person coming in should be a little lower,” Jones said. “Not that the person didn’t deserve it coming in, I just thought the person leaving after 30 years, they walk out the door and boom, the person that walks in makes that salary. I fought those battles years ago, but I don’t any more because I realize the value of the position.”

When DeCosse started, her salary was about $10,900.

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