Whiteface pond skimmers collect awards

WILMINGTON – Eleven participants from a field of 65 emerged as winners in Sunday’s annual Pond Skimming contest at Whiteface Mountain.

Dean Misiura of New York City was the men’s overall champion and Jane Eifert was the women’s winner.

Skimming with an inflatable raft on his back, Matt Doyle won the best style title when he acrobatically flipped into his boat after hitting the water.

Skimming across the water with a bow and arrows, Saranac Lake’s Sue McClure was honored with the best costume award as the Hunger Games archer.

Bill Walton won the Class Clown title, and Nate Purich had the best splash. Kyle Mochol had the best jump, and Brandon Morey had the best outfit.

Hitting the pond on tandem skis, Jeremy Kruda and Kyle Dunleavy were honored for displaying the best team effort in the contest.

John Williams, a 26-year-old teacher and hockey coach at the National Sports Academy, had the fastest time across the pond after he skimmed from start to finish on a pair of skis.

Riding on a snowboard, Nate Hofrichter had the longest run of the day. Hofrichter, who runs the mountain’s rental shop, actually appeared to pick up speed as he glided across the water. After exiting the pond, he cruised down the finish ramp, toasted a spectator and never slowed down until he reached the base lodge.