Bloomingdale school staff is dedicated to students

To the editor:

I’ve written so many letters of appreciation in my head over the years after the many events and activities that have taken place in Bloomingdale Elementary. The school held a dance party on Friday, April 4, and it finally pushed me enough to get this letter out!

What a dedicated staff to spend all day teaching and embracing our children, maybe have an hour dinner break to see their own families (which I am sure entails some work to be done in their own homes), only to come right back to the school and let our kids have an amazing time dancing, laughing and hanging out with friends for two more hours.

I am proud my three children have gotten to be a part of Bloomingdale school, and I am amazed and thankful for the staff and teachers who do so much more, above and beyond, to let our kids have an awesome and memorable school experience.

My thanks,

Andrea Swinyer