Rhett Tyler and the Early Warning at Delta Blue

LAKE PLACID -Rhett Tyler and Early Warning will perform at Delta Blue Friday and Saturday.

Performances will be held from 9 pm.. to midnight, right on the heels of his concert with BB King at the Palace Theater in Albany on Thursday night.

Born in San Antonio, Texas, and raised in Mississippi, Ohio, and St. Louis, Rhett Tyler grew up listening and learning about music and the blues from his father, an Air Force officer and talented classical, boogie & blues pianist, and about writing from his mother, a published poet.

His musical talent became apparent at the age of 15, when his parents gave him his first electric guitar. Rooted in the blues, Tyler incorporates jazz, rock, and gospel influences, which define his signature guitar style and innovative musical approach. Rhett was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on Sept. 25, 2011 as “Master Blues Artist from New York”.

Tyler attended Mannes College of Music and the Berkley School of Music in the early ’70s. He soon found himself on tour as bandleader for R&B recording artist Ruth Copeland, and in the mid-80s, he formed the band, Early Warning. Tyler has independently recorded and released four CDs, Total Package (’92), My Passion (’97), Live at Manny’s Car Wash (’99), and Don’t Put Me In No Box (’05), culminating with his new CD, The Rhythm The Power The Blue to be released at Delta Blue this coming weekend.

Critically acclaimed by John Swenson of Rolling Stone, as “a powerful front man, in the tradition of Johnny Winter and Jimi Hendrix, Rhett Tyler is the certain face of future blues.” -Wildfire Promotions

Tyler performs both with his band, Early Warning, as a power trio (guitar, bass, and drums) and as a solo artist on the acoustic 12-string (along with his harmonica). He has performed at many prominent festivals and venues, including the Mississippi Valley Blues Fest, Fleet Blues Fest, Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Fest and Treasure Coast Blues Fest.