Lake Flower hotel rooms wouldn’t fill up

To the editor:

Many people have written about the new big hotel proposal that is supposed to replace three small motels on the shore of Lake Flower at the intersection of River Street and Lake Flower Avenue, and I would like to add my voice. I read a lot of complaints about losing the possibility of extending the shoreline park, the pride of our village. Some readers grumbled about the future traffic on an already busy corner.

The proposed structure will be five stories tall with 90 rooms. I agree with those who have already stated that a building of this size is out of sync with the character of our village. It contrasts with all other buildings and spoils the shoreline and view of the lake and of the beautiful shoreline park that is our town’s pride and joy.

The proposed hotel will be situated on a flood plain. We know what happens during the spring snowmelt. Right now we have another lake on the corner of River Street and Lake Flower Avenue. This will be right in front of the proposed large hotel; I hope the guests will come with cars equipped with floating equipment. The proposed parking lot will probably become a lake.

Having lived in Saranac Lake for 40 years, I don’t remember any summer season with a big lack of tourist accommodations. Even last year, with the Hotel Saranac not functioning, I don’t recall seeing many “no vacancy” signs.

Soon the Hotel Saranac will resume operations, with 120 available rooms, a restaurant and a conference center. There’s the Best Western and many smaller hotels and motels. The new, huge, 90-room hotel does not stand a chance to fill all the rooms; then what? After a few poor business years, it will close, leaving us with this giant behemoth in place of what could be our beautiful shoreline park. Get real; we’re Saranac Lake, not Atlantic City.

Maybe we should give a second thought to this whole idea.

Dana Fast

Lake Clear