Be aware of coerced abortion

To the editor:

Pregnant, kicked out of the house, isolated, alone. Nowhere to go, no one to help, no money, no job, nothing, desperation, feeling backed into a corner, fear that those you love, and are supposed to love you back, threaten to reject you further if you didn’t do what they wanted, a husband who threatens to leave, a boyfriend who proclaims love and speaks of another child when you are “ready.” The pressures of society, money, jobs, school the silent coercions that place fear in your heart, weaken your will or, worse yet, do not allow you to think things through.

You, who felt the ultimate act of abandonment by those you loved, then give in to the ultimate act of abandonment by aborting the person you are called to love, your unborn child. Ironic.

Many women don’t even realize they were coerced. It can be unbearable to see the truth of someone you love, so you would rather convince yourself it was your idea.

“Most women are socially aborted before they ever step foot into a clinic,” says “The Jericho Plan” by David Reardon. This great “freedom of choice” has often left us with no choice. Emotionally aborted, we then do the unthinkable in participating in the deaths of our own children.

The good news is that this abandonment can often be the very catalyst that calls to the heart of Jesus and healing. He who suffered the ultimate abandonment knows well the suffering of our hearts, and it is this suffering which allows us to recognize our dependence on Him.

As we bring awareness to the horror of coerced abortion, may we equally bring awareness to Mercy Himself, who assures us we have “a right before others” to trust in His unfathomable mercy, forgiveness and love.

Nancy Belzile