Stewart’s Shops donates to APO

TUPPER LAKE – The Adirondack Public Observatory of Tupper Lake has received a check for $350 from Stewart’s Shops Holiday Match Donations.

This grant is to be used directly for children 18 years and younger in the geographic area where a Stewart’s store is located.

On June 22, the APO will participate in an international event called SUN-Day to celebrate our closest star, the Sun. This free event will be held at the observatory located at 178 Big Wolf Road. The public is welcome.

Several educational activities such as crafting with solar-sensitive paper, building a solar robot, observing the sun with special glasses and special telescopes, making sundials and learning how the sun works using models and posters will be available.

A special book about the sun will be read and given to younger children who attend this celebration. Money from this grant will be used to purchase all materials.

The APO wishes to thank Stewart’s for their kind donation.