Gratitude for McKay search

To the editor:
I would appreciate it if you would allow me to convey my thanks and gratitude to all personnel involved in the recent search for Capt. Paul McKay, sadly found deceased on Scarface Mountain by a New York forest ranger.
As a former member of the Australia Army and a Vietnam veteran, I am very much aware of the close links between both our nations and their respective military forces.
That the search was conducted in extremely adverse climatic conditions and on rugged terrain. The perseverance of Saranac Lake police Chief Bruce Nason and all members of the search party under his direction are to be commended for an extremely difficult job well done.
Both our nations are no strangers to the cost of war, and we both have our share of post-traumatic stress disorder sufferers from many past and more recent conflicts.
Paul McKay was a victim of the war in Afghanistan and has paid with his life for his service to our common cause. I ask all Americans to look out for their veterans and give them the same level of commitment as you gave to the search for your Australian brother in arms.
Further, I write to express my thanks and gratitude via the Adirondack Daily Enterprise to those who are organizing and conducting an Anzac Day service on Scarface Mountain and at the Saranac Lake World War I memorial.
As a resident of a nearby port of Fremantle, I am well aware that it was the U.S. Navy’s second biggest submarine base outside of Pearl Harbour during World War II, and the strong links that were forged between our two nations, both in WWI where the 1st AEF “doughboys” came into the line alongside us in the Western Front in 1917, and again in December of 1941, when the U.S. entered WWII, again serving alongside of us in the Southwest Pacific theater. (Although your Douglas claimed most of the credit, he did have more Australian troops under his command than U.S. up until mid-1943.)
Gallipoli and Kokoda carry the same significance for us as Gettysburg and Vicksburg does for Americans and Vimy Ridge for your Canadian cousins. We share many common conflicts between us, so I sincerely appreciate your participation in our day of national commemoration.
Again, my thanks and gratitude to all those involved in the search for and recovery of, the body of the late Capt. Paul McKay.
Thank you, America.
Kevin Bovill
Fremantle, Australia