Zombies coming to Tupper Lake

TUPPER LAKE – Be on the lookout for the undead in Tupper Lake this fall.

Town of Tupper Lake Youth Activity Director Mike Fritts told the village board Monday that he has been organizing a first-ever zombie walk down Main Street with residents and zombie enthusiasts Scott Gravlin and Amber Beaudette.

“These days, the biggest thing going besides Justin Bieber is zombies,” Fritts told the board. “I’d like to have the town sponsor it, but I wanted to provide a further explanation of the events associated with it and get it on your radar.”

Cities across the county, including Plattsburgh, Burlington and Albany, host zombie walks around Halloween.

Participants in the walks get decked out in tattered clothes, fake blood and the most death-like face paint they can find, and shamble along a designated parade route, moaning and groaning as onlookers snap photos and cheer from a safe distance.

The Plattsburgh zombie walk began four years ago, and participation in the event, which courses through downtown and ends with a zombie prom at Plattsburgh State University, has nearly doubled since its inception.

Gravlin told the board he’d like to have Tupper Lake’s inaugural zombie walk go down Park Street and possibly end with a zombie dance in the Municipal Park. He said the walk would begin in the afternoon or early evening and wouldn’t take more than an hour.

Village police Chief Eric Proulx said he could help get the permits from the state Department of Transportation to close Park Street down as long as he had a couple of months’ notice.

Gravlin said he’d like to put a twist on the typical zombie walk by having the zombies collect dried and canned goods, which would be donated by designated businesses along the route, to give to the local food bank. He said he’d also like to get the State Theater to host a horror movie festival throughout the day.

“Saratoga has a zombie walk, and they get something like 1,500 people at it,” Gravlin told the Enterprise. “I’m hoping we can jump on board.”