DWI could affect boxer’s EU Parliament campaign

LAKE PLACID – A Polish boxing champion’s drunk-driving conviction here last year could affect his race for European Union Parliament.

Tomasz Adamek, a former International Boxing Federation North America heavyweight champion, came here in January 2013 to ski while on vacation and was charged with driving while intoxicated after crashing his car on Mirror Lake Drive.

In July 2013, Adamek was convicted of DWI and ordered to pay $1.635 in fines and surcharges, according to village Court Clerk Alisa Patnode. He was also ordered to install an ignition interlock system in his car, a breathalyzer test that must clear a person’s blood alcohol level before the car starts. His license was revoked for six months in New York. He was also convicted of an infraction for disobeying a traffic control device. At the time of his arrest, Adamek was living in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Village Judge William Hulshoff who presided over the case, said Adamek took an alcohol-related driver course as part of those conditions.

“Typically for DWI convictions, one of the conditions is you have to take is an impact driver’s course where you have to sit in a class,” Hulshoff said.

Hulshoff said typically if a person gets another DWI in the following year, a judge can come back and revisit the previous sentence, which wasn’t the case for Adamek.

Adamek will still be able to run for the European Union seat because he was ticketed and not imprisoned while in Lake Placid, according to the Polish news website Gazeta.pl. He is running under the United Poland party, a socially conservative group. The newspaper said the accident could affect his image and chances prior to the May 25 election.

Adamek has apologized for the accident, saying he was “very sorry,” according to Gazeta.pl

He previously said in a blog post he thought the media created a “huge collision” out of a “small sliding accident in a cold and icy city.”

The Lake Placid Police Department said Adamek, now 37, lost control of his car while driving from Saranac Avenue onto Mirror Lake Drive. He failed to stay in his lane while turning and crashed into an unoccupied parked vehicle, which pushed forward into another parked vehicle. No one was injured in the crash. Adamek’s car, a black 2010 Infiniti sedan, was extensively damaged, according to police. Adamek was cooperative with police but refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Adamek’s most recent fight was in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, on March 15. He lost to Ukrainian boxer Vyacheslav Glazkov in an unanimous decision.