Why should taxpayers pave Amell Lane?

I am writing this letter to express my concerns and opinions on the constant discusion of paving Amell Lane. First, I would like to state this is not a personal attack on Roger Amell, but I may touch a few sensitive areas.

If this is a private road, why is the village discussing paving it or setting money aside to do so? Has any other private road been paved by the village? If so, then I believe you have set precedent for it to be done again. What is fair for one should be fair for all. If not, then why open up the opportunity to set precedent for it to happen again? Why is it even being considered?

If Roger has a contract with the owners of the homes on this street, it should be his responsibility to pave the road. If he does not, the homeowners should seek legal counsel as to what can be done to get what was agreed upon. If it is not part of the agreement when buying a home, then, like many other towns or villages, they get a dirt or gravel road and live with it. Roger would be responsible for maintaining it. A possible solution for mail delivery could be locked mailboxes at the end of the road for mail to be dropped off for the residents to retrieve it. Other towns and villages have this; an example would be Bartlett Carry Road. If people objected to being a part of the mail center, then get a P.O. box at the post office.

The same can happen with the bus pickup; there could be one bus stop at the end of the road. How long is this road? Is the distance too far for a child to walk to? If so, drive your child there.

Now here is the touching end of this. If I am an average Joe, never been on a town or village board or town supervisor or superintendent, etc., and I had the same problem, would this be a huge debate on my situation? I think not; I believe I would be told it is not the responsibility of the village or town to pave any private roads. I think people need to man up and do things at their own cost, not at the cost of other taxpayers.

There are so many village streets and town streets that are in terrible shape and should be top priority for repairs before a private road gets attention. Fixing these roads and streets is beneficial to ALL taxpayers and travelers as well. The money set aside to pave Amell Lane should be put to use for village issues, and it is needed elsewhere unless the village is rich and doesn’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul. Every time you read the local papers there is news on where cuts were made to make money appear for serious needs of the village.

No, I do not live in the village. I live in the town, and the road I live on is HORRIBLE and needs attention. I live in front of two large cracks across the road which, each time a car or truck drives over them, wake me up as it rattles my house and makes a large thud like a car running into a pole. There are no culverts for the rain to go down, so it eats the road away. I do own a house in the village and have paid village taxes for years. I also have to drive down the deteriorating streets and roads in the village to do my business, so I feel comfortable that it is OK for me to voice my opinion on a village issue.

I think we all need to be treated respectfully and fairly, which means we don’t do favors as it sets precedent, which could be more costly in the end. I think the streets and roads of the village or town take priority, to avoid accidents or a lawsuit.

Patti Breault lives in Tupper Lake.