More big news from the Enterprise, March 1922

What a response last week when I published here the names and grade averages of students in the Saranac Lake Senior High School.

I looked for names familiar to me from the past, but of course, I have no idea of the local relationship to other names on the list.

Michele Tucker, Curator of the Adirondack Room of the Saranac Free Library, after she read the column, called to ask if the name Eugenia Lytle was on the list. There she was at 81.60. She was Michele’s paternal grandmother who died of tuberculosis when Michele’s dad was only two. We don’t often hear of locals who suffered or died with tuberculosis.

This copy of The Enterprise was brought to the newspaper office by Ed Petty, son of Clarence Petty, the Adirondack legend. His grandmother had saved that copy because Clarence and his brother Archibald were both on the list.

Most of the names are published here but our Enterprise slogan is the reverse of the New York Times, “All the News That Fits, We Print.”

Village budget items from 1922

There was no title of Mayor in 1922. The title of the Chief Executive was President (changed to Mayor in 1926). Charles H. Dickert was President. There were only three Village Trustees; Patrick H. Ryan, Daniel S. Foster and Matthew M. Munn.

Here are some of the big ticket numbers they were dealing with back then:

Electric Lights for Streets, $6500; Police Department $6300; Fire Department $7000; Street Cleaning $1500; Street Sprinkling $500; Garbage $4200; Clerk $700; Treasurer $300; Sewer Repairs $1500; Free Library $1000; Public Skating Rink $1500 and the Business Men’s Band $300.

It appears that the total budget was a little over $59,000.

Benefit concert at the library

The Saranac Lake Free Library, our historic institution which enables me to write this column every week, had a fund-raiser at the Pontiac Theater. Ticket prices were not included in the page one story.

It did say this: “Although good seats are available at the present time, it is expected that the house will be filled to capacity at the time of the concert.” The Pontiac Theater had about 1200 seatsremember, no television.

“Final preparations were made today for the benefit concert for the Saranac Lake Free Library to be held in the Pontiac Theater on Tuesday night with the Criterion male quartet of New York as the artists.

“The program to be presented by the artists was received today. The concert will be in two parts. The first part will be opened by the entire quartet with two selections. Number A will consist of ‘Give A Man A Horse’, by O’Hara. Number B will be ‘Cotton Dolly’ by Geibe.

“The next number will be two baritone e solos by Mr. Reardon, ‘Heaps of Lickins,’ by Clarke and ‘Old Dr. Maginn’, by Lohr.

“The entire quartet will then present a group of old favorites, ‘Old Black Joe’, arr. Vanderstucken; ‘Sally in Our Alley’ and ‘Absent’ by Metcalf.”

This is a short list from a very long program the concert goers must have been in the theater until midnight.