Back by popular demand: SLPD blotters

May 15, 1930 ([time of day not noted as in later police blotters) -?Call from State Police at Malone Barracks asking to try and detain a Marquette sedan. Pa. license plate. There is a girl, Pauline Mitchell, age 17 years 5 ft. 4 in, brown eyes, light wavy bobbed hair, very good looking. She is wearing a blue coat with collar of the same color, black shoes and stockings and is very quick spoken. She is not wanted for a crime, just left her home in Glens Falls, N.Y., yesterday in the company of two men, names unknown, they are selling Elks magazines. The women’s names are Mrs. E. J. Fry and Mrs. Gentile. Later received word from Sgt. Lofara; they located them. -?Chief

May 21, 1930 -?Complaint from Mrs. Jere Re, Santanoni Apt. H-1 that her brother-in-law Harry Re of New York City, an Italian, came to the above apartment and threatened her with a revolver. He demanded her money and jewelry. Checked for him at the hotels but was unable to find him. Mrs. Re is coming down to the police station and have a warrant sworn for his arrest. Mrs. Maude Dugan was a witness and Freida and another lady from Freddie’s Beauty Shop at 19 Broadway. – Chief

Also received a call from Harry Re, [sic] her husband who telephoned from New York City to have the above investigated as someone was trying to blackmail his wife. Would like some protection. – Judge

May 29, 1930 -?Complaint from 1 Riverside Drive that two men were drunk and disorderly in front of the above address. Investigated at once and found Bill Carson and Leo (Lefty) Mahoney in the above condition. Placed both under arrest. Officer Davies arrived at about that time. We went to the police station in Carson’s car. [?] Called in Dr. Goode;he said Mahoney was drunk, but Carson had some drink in him but was not drunk. They were locked up for a few hours. Later they were charged with disorderly conduct and paid a $10.00 fine. They went on their way rejoicing. – Officers & Davis

May 18, 1942, 2:30 a.m. – Call to Chinese Restaurant. Trouble between Eddie Shova and Edgar Duprey. We asked Shova to go out which he did.Saw him come back later and get into an argument with the proprietor of the restaurant. Arrested him for D.C. and locked him up. – Ryan & Jones

May 19, 1942, 6:30 p.m. – Call from Mrs. Earl Haselton, 58 Lake Flower Avenue. She has a small, brown cocker spaniel that wandered into her house. License No. 131039. I checked that number with the town clerk. Dog Belongs to Bernard Acosta. He will pick up his dog. – Wallace

May 15, 1945, 10:15/10:45/11 -?Call from Melody Bar [on Woodruff Street] answered by Ryan and Jewtraw. An M.P. brought 2 intoxicated G.I’s to police office. Sent them back to Placid.

Another call from Melody Bar. Brought down another G.I.


M.P. put a G.I. in cell 1 until car came over after him at 2 a.m.?- Ryan & Jewtraw and M.P.

May 17, 1945, 11:20 a.m. – Complaint from Mr. Lee Knight, Algonquin Avenue that some half-witted man was annoying some girl near the One Minute Lunch, 51 Broadway. He said he had seen this same man bother a girl in front of the Hotel Saranac last night. Investigated by Wallace who brought one Hayden Smith, who lives with his aunt at 60 Park Avenue. He admitted bothering girls. Patricia Commo, 27 Prospect Avenue, said he kept trying to grab her arm. -?Wallace

May 26, 1945, 1:30 p.m. -?Call from Arthur Clark, 216 Lake Street. Water gushing up through the road in front of his house. Investigation showedbroken main. Informed Leo Demerse at the Water Department who said it was outside of the village. I told him I did not think so but he said he did not have a car. Also informed Frank Buck. -?Wallace