Saranac Lake ER too busy for 5-year-old girl

To the editor:

Last week my daughter fell and required stitches. We took her to the Saranac Lake emergency room, only to be told that they were extremely busy and we might want to go elsewhere for a more timely treatment. My husband and I were shocked that we were being turned away from an ER.

We do not feel the receptionist was at fault as she was told by the higher-ups to suggest this; she was only doing her job. The part that really upset us was that not one nurse or doctor came out into the waiting room to assess the wound.

We ended up taking her to Lake Placid’s ER and were treated much, much better. Thank you to nurse Colleen and PA Hogan for taking such good care of our daughter.

This was a pretty traumatic experience for all of us, especially our 5-year-old daughter. I hope that no other parents have this happen to them and that the Adirondack Medical Center staff address this issue properly.

Bethany Kress