Stefanik is the face of the future

To the editor:

Dear Franklin County and North Country friends:

If you are like the four of us you, are very concerned about the future of our country: loss of our individual freedoms by overuse of executive orders from Washington, over-regulation in state and federal government which strangles small businesses, and the weakness we portray overseas. It is not a pretty picture. It is time for new vision, enthusiastic belief in the American dream, and a willingness to put our belief in someone who can image what we believe as North Country residents. That image is Elise Stefanik, Republican and Conservative candidate for our 21st Congressional District.

Any of us who have heard her speak of her experience, know of her many accomplishments in a short span of almost 30 years. She is a Harvard graduate. She works with her parents in a family-owned small business, “making the rounds” of the lumber yards and building supply businesses in the North Country to sell her family’s wood products. She has worked as a domestic policy advisor in the Bush administration and served in the Romney-Ryan 2012 campaign as chief of debate preparation for Paul Ryan, candidate for vice president. She knows the Washington scene and has not been tainted by it.

Elise is a supporter of Second Amendment rights and is a member of the National Rifle Association. Her family’s small business struggles each day with burdensome regulations and, now, with ObamaCare. Her family always provided quality healthcare to their employees; since ObamaCare was put in place, their employee’s private healthcare plan was cancelled. Elise has a plan and has presented concrete ideas to replace ObamaCare. Elise also has a strong belief that America becomes weak when it weakens itself with poorly thought out military cuts and huge budget deficits. Elise knows that young people her age need to believe that the North Country is a good place to work, to raise families and live our ideals as a nation.

We have heard her speak of the great debt we owe to our veterans. The disgraceful treatment they are presently receiving for service connected medical and psychological problems must be addressed. Elise has made it her position that Veterans Administration medical services in large, urban centers are terribly inadequate for veterans who live in rural areas like our North Country. She will fight hard for these veterans using modern-day technology to make it easier for veterans to access the care and treatments they have earned at their local medical facilities. It is a win-win for our hospitals and our deserving vets.

Elise is the face of the future; she is not afraid to say that she is one who believes in God and country. This is why she has made the four of us, who are much older than she, enthusiastically place our trust in her beliefs and judgment. As former Army officers, as well as past and present Franklin County Republican chairmen, we feel very confident in her ability to lead all of us into the bright future that a restored America promises. We urge all Republicans in Franklin County and throughout the North Country to support Elise Stefanik in the Republican Primary on June 24.

Jim Ellis

Army veteran, retired educator and past Franklin County Republican chairman

Tupper Lake

Jan Plumadore

Army veteran, retired state Supreme Court justice and past Franklin County Republican chairman

Saranac Lake

Ray Scollin

Army veteran, critical-care nurse and present Franklin County Republican chairman

Saranac Lake

Terry Trudeau

Army veteran, retired educator and past Franklin County Republican chairman