White is right for school board

To the editor:

On Tuesday, May 20, I look forward to casting a vote for Aurora White for Saranac Lake Central School board. I first met Aurora almost four years ago when she was considering moving to the area with her husband and two school-aged daughters. I remember that two factors that were very important to the Whites’ decision were the overall safety of the community and the quality of the school district. Even though her job allows her to work from anywhere, she chose to move to Saranac Lake because of its great quality of life and because she saw the strength and quality of the Saranac Lake school district.

Although she keeps busy with work, family and church responsibilities, I commend Aurora for her desire to give back to the community by seeking to serve on the school board. Aurora is running because she wants to keep the Saranac Lake school district strong and competitive. She understands that great school districts put children first above all other interests. She understands that there is no greater investment in time, effort and money that parents and communities can make than in our children.

Aurora grew up without strong family support, a disadvantage that too many of our children face. She has a unique appreciation for the valuable role the community, mentors and teachers can play in helping children succeed even when the odds are stacked against them.

I am confident that Aurora, as a school board member, will ask the tough questions necessary to insure fiscally responsible budgets that don’t diminish the quality of education our children deserve.

Aurora is not afraid to speak her mind or take a strong stance on an issue, but she also knows how to listen and collaborate. In her professional life Aurora works in a fast-paced and demanding environment with a team of professionals who don’t always agree but who share a common goal and work together to achieve that goal. I believe this experience will allow her to be a great member of the school board team.

I support Aurora because she believes that WE as local taxpayers and parents know our community and children better than politicians and bureaucrats in Albany and Washington, D.C., and I know she will work to preserve our ability to keep the Saranac Lake school district strong. Please join me by supporting Aurora White for Saranac Lake school board.

Jeremy Evans

Saranac Lake