Many thanks for Pendragon spring cleaning

To the editor:

I would like to thank all those who helped at Pendragon Theatre this past Sunday with our spring cleaning. The space looks fabulous. Come by and see it! The community spirit was in evidence and many hands made light work.

Thanks to: Matt Sorensen, Leslie Dame, Jordan and Jackie Hornstein, Holly Wolff, Stephen Wolff, Laura Warden, Jason Brill, Kent Streed, L.J. Schwartau Swanson, Fran Yardley, Burdette Parks, Karen Lewis, Kathy Ford, Christie Casey, Sean Orman, Peggy Orman, Sam Balzac, Kathy Recchia, Bonnie Brewer, Joe and MaryLynne Dockery, Denise Griffin.

Karen Kirkham

Artistic director

Pendragon Theatre

Saranac Lake