Re: Saranac Lake Marina on Lake Street

To the editor:

Regarding Meg Archer’s commentary: Meg, I looked for your phone number to personally call you to apologize for any fast driving by any of our workers. I have addressed the issue with staff, and it will not happen again. If it does, the individual will be terminated. I understand it is a residential street leading to our commercial marina complex. We want to be good neighbors. We are trying our very best, cleaning up the neglected properties, and I understand it has been a little busy down the road this month of May. The boat trailer traffic will ease off dramatically from this point forward until late fall, when we take them back out of the lake.

Thank you for supporting the project, and feel free to call me any time with any concerns or suggestions: 518-891-9999.

Warm regards,

Mike Damp

Managing partner,

Saranac Lake Marina

Saranac Lake