Leash law and cleanup

To the editor:

I thought there was a law that people with DOGS were to LEASH them when they went for a walk and to clean up after them when they take a DUMP on someone’s property or lawn.

I’m sick and tired of watching people take advantage of this law. I want to know, should we property owners call the police when we see this or not?

I have kids playing on my lawn and in the street. There are people who don’t care and walk their ANIMALS with NO LEASH. I think they should be FINED and, if they don’t follow the law, have their animals taken from them. To me, I think they don’t care about anyone’s property or kids, only about themselves.

I would like to know how other people think about this situation. Do people want to pick up after these pople or watch their kids get sick or hurt because the animals want to bite them? I think these PEOPLE are just too D___ LAZY to protect the citizens. I wonder how others think.

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake

(Editor’s note: Tupper Lake village police confirmed to us that the village does have ordinances requiring dog owners to keep their dogs on leashes and to pick up their pets’ droppings; the town of Tupper Lake does not.)