Saranac Lake has dog problems, too

To the editor:

I was glad to read the letter today (May 28) regarding the leash law. I live in Saranac Lake, and the problem exists here as well. I have contacted a village trustee and was informed that the village does indeed have a leash law and that all dog owners are required to pick up after their animals. Your dog is required to be under your control at all times, whether on your land or public property.

We live in the French Hill area of the village and have our grandchildren over quite often. We have to check our lawn each time before letting them play to make sure there are no deposits that they will step in. We own a dog of our own, and he is never outside the house unleashed. We clean up after him but are sick and tired of cleaning up after others’ dogs. To walk your dog and stand there and watch it deficate on someone else’s property has to be one of the most inconsiderate things you can do.

The only thing worse is to let your animal run loose. There is also a requirement to have your dog licensed and renewed yearly. I can only imagine how much revenue would come from a door to door check of all dog owners to see how many have not obeyed the law and paid for these licenses.

Let it be known that I, for one, plan to report any and all dogs and their owners who let their dogs run loose and leave their droppings on my property. I would like to see the village post signs throughout the village with the laws printed for all to see. Maybe a notice on the bulletin board of Time Warner Channel 2 would be a good start. This is not just a nuisance. It is a health issue that needs to be dealt with.

I ask all who read this letter and have the same issue and concern to write your own letter and keep this issue in the news, and maybe someone will find a solution.


Lee Daunais

Saranac Lake