A message from train mascot Bubba the Bear

To the editor:

Hi, I’m Bubba the Bear. I’ve been working on this train as a volunteer for nearly 13 years. I spend winters with my Grampa, Rusty, who adjusts my stuffing, fixes me where needed and puts me in my new clothes for the season. I’m bigger than most of the kids who ride the train. I so love to have them play with me as we ride along. But I missed that last weekend. We usually run for Memorial weekend, stopping at the cemetary to play “Taps” for the veterans buried there. We have not been able to get started yet this season. But we’ll soon do so, and Uncle Bud will come give me a ride to work. I can’t wait.

One thing concerns me: In the local Saranac Lake Area Chamber of Commerce brochure is an ad that states, “Coming Soon, Adirondack Rail Trail.” Such a claim is unfounded. But I guess if you say a thing often enough and get it in print, folks believe it.

I can’t wait to see you all on the train. I’ve had my bath and smell nice enough to hug, an’ I love hugs.

Bubba the Bear,

via Rusty Russum

Retired conductor

Adirondack Scenic Railroad

Saranac Lake