Tupper Lake archers earn recognition

TUPPER LAKE – Two Tupper Lake archers represented New York state last month at the National Archery in the Schools Program in Louisville, Kentucky.

At Monday night’s school board meeting, archery coach Pam Savard introduced Tupper Lake Middle/High School students Andrew Trudeau and Brionna Staves and presented them with awards from the event they attended May 8 through 10.

Both archers participated in two competitions: a 10-ring target shoot and a new 3D target shoot.

In the target competition, Staves, a 10th-grader, earned a score of 264 out of 300 and a rank of 624 out of 1,466 girl archers. Overall, she ranked 175th out of 430 10th-grade girls and 1,261th out of the 4,709 total girls who participated.

It was her third time in as many years participating in the event.

Trudeau, an eighth-grader, participated for the first time. In the target competition, he scored 239 out of 300, placing him 1,835th out of the 2,477 middle school archers. He ranked 727 out of 905 among eighth-graders and 4,040th out of 5,734 boys overall.

The Tupper Lake archers fared well In the 3D target shoot. It was the first time that event was offered at the competition, and they were ready for it.

“We set up the animals, simulating what we’d be seeing down there,” Savard said. “There were kids that were down there this year trying that tournament, and they had never shot at the 3D targets.”

Staves scored 264 out of 300 and finished 61st out of the 259 high school female archers. She was ranked 19th out of the 69 tenth-graders and 111th of the 873 high school girls who shot.

Trudeau scored 238 out of 300, earning him a rank of 304th out of 491 middle school competitors. He ranked 119th out of the 168 eighth-graders who shot and earned an overall ranking of 682th out of 1,128 students.

Staves and Trudeau were the only Tupper Lake students who qualified for the NASP nationals by competing in the New York state championship tournament March 7. Of the 16 youth archers from the Tupper Lake Central School District, 11 participated in the state tournament, which featured 607 participants who shot targets in their respective schools.

The Tupper Lake Youth Archery Club began three years ago, a conjunction between the school and the Tupper Lake Rod and Gun Club. Savard said attendance has been on an upswing ever since.

“There are 40 young archers going through the program in grades 2 through 6,” Savard said. “Three years ago, we maybe had six students involved in the high school level, and now we’re up to 16.”

Savard presented the young archers with a special book she had put together. It was filled with pictures from their trip to Kentucky for the tournament.

“The traditional – in the fall we do football and soccer, in the winter we do basketball and baseball – is kind of going off to the wayside,” Savard said. “We’re trying to help young students identify lifelong things that they can do that will help them stay healthy and active, and archery in Tupper Lake, New York, is where it’s at.”

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