Polygamy can be a honorable lifestyle

To the editor:

When we read biblical history, we learn that many beloved prophets in the Old Testament had many wives. Abraham, Esau, Moses, Jacob and many others were friends of God, all while having many wives. Polygamy was once a lifestyle accepted by all, and many others practiced it correctly and honorably.

For Christians of 2,000 years ago, polygamy was stopped by the Roman Empire. In the New Testament, the apostle Paul tells the church members in Rome: “A bishop should be the husband of one wife.” Now, was he saying the Old Testament prophets were all wrong in having many wives? No, he could not. He was simply telling them to obey the law of the land, which was Roman law. Roman law is alive and well today in America.

It’s unfortunate what has happened in Colorado City, Arizona, and in other states. It has given polygamy a terrible image. Things that have happened there are a disgusting distortion of the practice as it was in times past, and how it could be between consenting adults only.

Personally, I think that in time it will be decriminalized and brought back to stay, no matter what we think or feel about it today.

Over the past 75 years or so, Americans have made a mess of marriage. Today there are about 40,000 people practicing the polygamy lifestyle in America, and the numbers are growing. It’s clear there are both men and women who are willing to live in a polygamist lifestyle.

Leslie Jacobs

Fredonia, Arizona