Proud of independence

To the editor:

I was raised in Plattsburgh, and I have written of the North Country as one of the few places in this country where people still sometimes stand for more than just blind party loyalty.

I am a lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party, but I still observed with pride the events surrounding the visit on Monday to Watertown of Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican leader in the House of Representatives. Rep. Ryan came to speak on behalf of Elise Stefanik, a candidate for the Republican nomination in New York’s 21st Congressional District. While the Republican Party has mostly supported the drastic budget cuts that Ryan has proposed, Stefanik indicated the week before the Ryan visit that she would have opposed the Ryan budget. Just as notable, on the day he attended the Ryan event, Mayor Jeffrey Graham of Watertown (a Stefanik supporter) posted on his blog that he had a “nice chat” with Aaron Woolf, the Democratic candidate in the 21st District, and that Woolf was a “gentleman.”

I have strong disagreements with the policies of Stefanik and her supporters, but I still take pride in seeing them say things that many Republicans would not like.


David Fontana

Washington, D.C.