Feedback on previous columns

One of the great joys of writing this column is hearing from readers, even when I write about a “spectacular” accident in last week’s column that comes out in the paper like the accident was in the hamlet of “Speculator” those darn gremlins.

The spectacular accident involved a Cadillac owned by Mrs. Daisy Reiss, of the famous Julian and Daisy Reiss family of Lake Placid. The car was driven by Max Kennedy of Lake Placid, who was alone in the car which he had stolen out of the Reiss garage at 50 Hillcrest Ave. in the wee hours of the morning. Of all their offspring I knew Peter, Paul and Mary (not the singers) because Paul and Mary were students at St. Bernard’s School when I was there.

Peter responded with a scrap of a picture from the Post Standard of the demolished car. If I can’t find a more complete picture I will run that one.

The Bloomingdale High School

Also in the column of May 31 was a picture of the former Bloomingdale High School.

I wrote that Geraldine O’Neil graduated from there in 1942 (which was accurate) but not the last class as I stated; however, I got the rest of and the correct story, from Augie Simpson of Bloomingdale.

Augie graduated in 1943, and his only classmates were Bill Stevenson, Paul Van Cour and Leo Derby. He says the last graduating class was in 1944, and the only senior was Arthur Wardner, Jr.

Is that not sad? No looking back at your yearbook to reminiscent (sic) about the goodbye messages from your classmates, no going to class reunions and noticing how much better looking you are than all your classmates, then borrowing your pal’s car to go to the reunion because it is much newer than the one you drive.

Now the upside to being the lone graduate is that you are also the salutatorian, valedictorian and class president. Then you get to give the farewell address, but there is no one in the audience except your parents and the high school principal.

Augie, thanks for the correct information.

The Edelberg Fur Store robbery

Niki Kourofsky, senior editor of Adirondack Life, sent me this follow-up to the above story which ran here on April 12. The fur store on Broadway was robbed, and movie goers coming out of the Pontiac Theater and neighbors watched the getaway car tearing up Broadway and turning onto Bloomingdale Avenue. The store was owned by Irving and Morris Edelberg.

From the Lake Placid News, April 21, 1939 the robbery was in October 1938

“A man and a woman have been arrested in Mt. Carmel, Il., for questioning in connection with the $5,000 Edelberg fur store robbery at Saranac Lake on Oct. 15.

“The pair were identified as John Campbell and Mildred Harris.

“They will be returned to face indictments of first degree grand larceny and third degree burglary in connection with the crime.

“The indictments were handed down by the Grand Jury in Malone last February.

“Delio Bei, 38, of Astoria, is serving 10 to 20 years at Dannemora for participation in the crime. Bei was found in New York a week after two men and two women staged the theft. He was returned to Malone and found guilty by a Franklin County jury.

“Sgt. Gerald Woolsey of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) who directed the investigation leading up to Bei’sarrest, has left for Mt. Carmel to bring the pair back east. He was accompanied by Morris Edelberg, part owner of the store.”

Susan Edelberg Donnelly writes

“I also heard from Susan Edelberg Donnelly, daughter of the longtime Village Court Justice Irving “Bud” Edelberg, who had his law practice office in the arcade of the Hotel Saranac. He was an Army captain in World War II, serving with General Patton’s 761st Tank Battalion, Second Armored Division.

Susan writes:

“I enjoyed your column about the fur store robbery. I read The Enterprise on the computer each week. I still think of Saranac Lake as home.

“I tell many stories of Saranac Lake and growing up there to my four grandchildren.”

I am sure Susan would like to hear from her friends in Saranac Lake. She is at 7 Phillip Drive, Malta, NY 12020 or at