Village gave even less notice of 1999 Broadway work

To the editor:

I read today’s top story, titled “Frustrated.” Well, let me share what happened in my neighborhood in 1999.

New water lines, sewer lines and storm drains were going to be put in from Bloomingdale Avenue to Aubuchon Hardware. Communication? I remember being told the work would start sometime in the early spring – but that was all the COMMUNICATION I EVER RECEIVED! Know how I knew the work was going to start? One day in mid-April, a dozer drove in front of the firehouse and started digging up the road. I said to myself, “I guess the work has started.”

I also was not told they would need to blast with dynamite to remove rock ledge so the storm drains could go in. Know I learned about that? When someone yelled, “Fire in the hole” and my building shook a little! They had to blast for those storm drains all the way up the road, including blasting right in front of my door! Believe me, it was no picnic.

The work continued through May, June, July, August and a part of early fall. Yes, there was one lane of traffic, but hardly any business all summer long. I took in $3.75 in two weeks. My customers had NOWHERE TO PARK. The sidewalks and paving didn’t go in until all the underground work was done. It was dust city all summer long.

I traveled to a trade show in July, and went to visit family. One of the workers told me, “You’ve picked a good time to leave, lady.” I came back to dust city and the work going on down the road. We were lucky in that it was a hot, dry and dusty summer. Why? Because all the needed work got done that year. A rainy summer would have meant the work would have gotten finished next year!

I will be the first to admit that communication between needed road work and local businesses is essential. This lack of communication has happened far too often. The businesses on Broadway at least had “a little” communication. WE HAD NONE. A meeting with businesses, an email, phone call, letter, whatever. When you know how and when the work is going to be done, tell local businesses. If those affected businesses had known the road would eventually have to be closed completely, they could have prepared accordingly. But to leave affected businesses in the dark should never happen again!

Wendy Foley

Wendy’s Christian Bookstore

Saranac Lake