GMO food should be labeled

To the editor:

Did you know that when you eat corn, soy, cow’s milk, sugar or zucchini purchased at the supermarket, or most processed foods, you are probably eating a GMO (genetically modified organism)? If you lived in 63 other nations, you would know this because your food would be clearly labeled so that you could make an informed choice about what you were buying and eating.

New York residents can soon have this right. New York State Assembly Bill A3525, which would require GMO labeling in New York state, is approved to be introduced for a vote by June 19. It then needs to pass the New York state Senate and be signed into law by Gov. Cuomo. Vermont, Maine, Connecticut and Alaska have already passed similar legislation!

There are numerous issues related to GMO foods, including overuse of pesticides, human and livestock health concerns, and threats to small farms and ecological biodiversity. All are worthy of research and discussion. However, the real point at this moment is: Do you believe you, as a consumer, should have the right to know what is in your food?

To act, please contact your New York state representatives and Gov. Cuomo TODAY. For more information and quick links to petitions, visit the websites of GMO Free New York ( ) and Sustainable Warwick (

Yours truly,

Wendy Insinger

Cranberry Lake