A new way to read the Enterprise

Since 1894, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise has been an integral part of life in the Tri-Lakes area, delivering local news and information about our communities to homes and beyond for generations. As technology changes, so do newspapers.

More than a decade ago, The Adirondack Daily Enterprise began delivering an Internet version to online readers and later in 2012 added mobile apps, allowing readers to access the newspaper better on iPhones and Androids. Effective Wednesday, June 18, the Enterprise will include the All Access service to print subscribers with an enhanced digital edition of each day’s newspaper, giving them a complete copy of the newspaper digitally by computer, tablet or mobile. A digital-only subscription option is now offered for those who are on the go. Subscription prices are available online for both options.

In addition to the online content that’s already offered, All Access subscribers will get a full digital copy of each day’s printed newspaper on their smart phone, tablet or computer. Added features give readers searchable archives, audio to those who prefer to hear it read, and the option to enlarge type for comfortable reading. Using the enhanced digital replica, subscribers can scroll through each page of the paper and read each news story as it was laid out in print, or click on the headline, which opens up a new window containing the full story. It also shows all the advertisements from local businesses as they appear in the printed version.

Starting Wednesday, people will still be able to access the Enterprise website and see all the advertisements, help-wanted ads and the day’s headlines, but to read beyond the first paragraph of a news story, obituary, letter to the editor or any other content, they’ll need to purchase subscriptions by following the instructions on the website. Those who are already print subscribers will have to verify their subscription and create a digital access account at no additional charge.

“The business is transforming and technology is helping us engage people in our communities, as well as enabling us to give more robust local, state and world news in the way our customers are most comfortable reading the newspaper,” said Enterprise Publisher Catherine Moore. “Many of our customers want both print versions of the paper and the ability to read it online, and that’s why we’re offering the replica, which will enable them to look at everything the way they see it laid out in the newspaper.

“There is great value in our local newspaper, with award-winning local coverage that affects our lives. Our readership has grown over the past decade because people turn to their newspaper to report, analyze, entertain and be the watchdog in making the community aware of issues and events they want to know. As a credible and trusted medium, people turn to us to get a fair and accurate account of what is going on around them, written by journalists.

“It costs less than a cup of coffee a day, not to mention all the sales circulars of coupons and savings that will more than pay for a subscription.”

Call the Enterprise Circulation Department at 518-891-2600 if you need help, have questions or want to subscribe.