Support for Elise Stefanik

To the editor:

I am pleased to write this letter of support for Elise Stefanik in the Republican primary. I believe, and I think a majority of Americans believe, the country has been going in the wrong direction. What is needed is fresh insight into meeting the challenges the country faces. Ms. Stefanik offers specific and achievable ideas to help bring the country back on track. Her positions on health care, veterans support, deficit reduction, taxes and balancing the budget represent a real understanding of the issues and common-sense approaches for effective solutions.

There have surfaced a couple of issues that I would offer my thoughts:

1. Ms. Stefanik has been tagged by her opponent as an “insider” which is presumed to be “BAD.” I don’t even know what that means. Her experience gained as a policy advisor in Washington has to be a PLUS and leaves her well qualified to understand the workings of government and well equipped to work in cooperation with her colleagues. After all, don’t our representatives, once elected to Congress, become “insiders?”

2. Her opponent criticizes that she will not sign the Americans for Tax Reform pledge. Well, none of us likes paying taxes, and yet we want the entitlements and programs that depend on those taxes. We need a responsible overhaul of our tax program. I am always suspicious of those who lock themselves into hardened positions, as it seems to pander for my vote. Rather, I respect those candidates who have clearly defined objectives and the integrity and strength of character to act in the best interests of the country and constituency. This is clearly Ms. Stefanik’s value. With no ability to peer into the future, it is inconceivable to me that her opponent would lock himself into a position that may not be sustainable in the future or, at the very worst, prevent the ability to choose the best path to follow.

3. Ms. Stefanik has small business experience. Our country is comprised of small businesses which form the basis for the country’s business acumen and job creation – Main Street USA at its best. Some argue that those experienced with Wall Street and big business are better able to develop good economic solutions. I recall, however, that Wall Street big business economics were at the heart of the recent Great Recession.

4. Elise Stefanik entered this campaign very early on. She recognized the need and has the ambition, commitment and skills necessary to effectively represent this district. She has studied the issues, formed positions and traveled the district to share her beliefs. She has reached out to businesses and individuals and is a tireless candidate. As a result, she has gained the endorsement of almost all Republican committee chairs in the district. Her opponent actually had to be convinced to take yet another run for this seat and, as a result, entered the campaign very late, and now echoes most of the ideas that Elise Stefanik has put forth.

Elise Stefanik represents a breath of fresh air that we desperately need in Washington. I encourage every Republican to VOTE on Primary Day, and that Elise Stefanik is the most qualified candidate to represent us.

Keith Wells

Saranac Lake