2014 Biotic Interactions Bioblitz at Newcomb VIC

NEWCOMB – Area naturalists and their friends will take part in the 2014 BioBlitz at the Adirondack Interpretive Center on June 29.

A BioBlitz is a rapid inventory of organisms: common or rare, large or small, in a defined area. The Adirondack All-Taxa Biodiversity Inventory, a collaborative group of professional and citizen-scientists from across the region, has hosted BioBlitzes in the Adirondacks for seven years to survey the natural world. The ATBI helps people learn more about the incredible diversity of life in the Adirondack Park.

“As a cofounding partner of the ATBI, SUNY ESF’s Newcomb Campus is pleased to host this year’s BioBlitz,” said Stacy McNulty, associate director of the Adirondack Ecological Center. “It’s a thrill to watch young people mixing with expert naturalists -?such excitement is in the air.”

Focus on biotic interactions

Have you ever wondered why bees visit the flowers in your garden? Many of the plants we see growing in the forests or in our own backyards are dependent on insect pollination. Pollinating insects represent one of the countless “biotic interactions” critical in shaping the natural world we live in. Many of these biotic interactions are under threat from stressors including climate change and chemical pollutants.

“As the climate changes, many of the organisms that interact with one another will be affected, and unfortunately, some of them will decline,” said Ezra Schwartzberg, director of Adirondack Research. “We need to start documenting these changes to see if we can take actions to protect our regional ecosystems.”

This event will feature Entomologist Dr. Sam Droege from the United States Geological Survey Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

Activities will start at 8:30 a.m.

The event will also feature a public lecture on bees at 4 p.m. by Sam Droege. Droege will also demonstrate special photography techniques to reveal intricate details of bee morphology and beauty.

The Adirondack Ecological Center of SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and the Center for Adirondack Biodiversity at Paul Smith’s College offer this event with support from the United States Geological Survey, Adirondack Research LLC, and area naturalists.

Contact Dr. Ezra Schwartzberg ezra@adkres.org for more information about the event or visit adkres.org/2014-bioblitz/ for details.