DOT needs to fix Route 86 now

To the editor:

If Saranac Lake hopes to attract tourists this summer, some consideration should be given to Route 86 in the stretch leading past the park along the lake, where you leave Saranac on the way to Lake Placid.

REALLY, you would attract tourists only to destroy the cars – not to mention tires – that bring them to you?

In a telephone call to Robert Haynes of the state highway department, responsible for the problem, I was informed the road will not be resurfaced until September, to which I responded, “Why not at least apply temporary patchwork to avoid vehicle damage until then?” to which he replied they do frequent patching as necessary.

IT’S NECESSARY – the time is NOW. I then inquired how to pursue payment for vehicle damage, and he gave me the following address: New York State Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 415, Malone, NY 12953. Anyone feeling a need for an inspection to assess vehicle damage should send a request to this address to receive compensation for the cost of such an inspection.

The inexcusable matrix of unavoidable potholes along this mile-plus stretch of highway is an embarrassment to the North Country and an affront to summer tourists.

Comparing the cost of patching to the extreme vehicle damage happening daily leaves me in wonder – is terrible management like this really happening?

Richard Carlisle