Stefanik is vested here

To the editor:

On June 24, Republicans across the 21st District will head to the polls. I can only hope that Elise Stefanik will be on their minds when they enter that booth. Elise Stefanik is a bright young woman who has an incredible potential to do great things for NY21. Not only does Elise come across as genuine and real, but her actions support her appearance. Elise cares about NY21 because she is vested in NY21.

As Elise would tell you, her family’s small business does a great deal of business in the 21st District. The future of the 21st and the economic well-being of the 21st are not some political game for Elise. It is her own personal future; it is her family’s future. I can think of nobody who could better represent the 21st District then someone whose own future, whose family’s future was so vested in the economic development and success of the 21st.

If you want good jobs, if you want positive common sense change, if you want someone representing you who has just as much to lose or gain on the future of the district, then there is only one choice on election day. Be sure to choose Elise Stefanik.

Jason L. Ambrosino