Vote for Elise Stefanik June 24

To the editor:

On March 1, 2010, a group of interested (15) voters had a meeting with Don Coon, the Republican chair for Jefferson County. We did not want a repeat of the 2009 debacle with Hoffman-Owens-Scozzafava. We wanted to be part of the process. Hoffman clearly won the Conservative line by almost winning the election in 2009.

After about an hour of very cordial conversation, Mr. Coon stated that the party would most likely back Matt Doheny because “he’s got the money” and can basically “self-finance his campaign.” Today, it looks like as long as Matt wants to throw nice parties and spend millions of dollars, he will always be the candidate for the Republican establishment RINOs, Republicans in name only, in Jefferson County. This is Matt’s fourth attempt for the congressional seat.

This is a classic example of groupthink, a cohesive group of people saying yes to one another. If Matt didn’t have the money, where would he be? We want the average person to be able to pick the candidate of their choice without being labeled by the party bosses as radical, extreme and dangerous, because we believe in the GOP platform and core values.

In 2009, many people became concerned about the direction of our nation. We want to support and elect people who put principle over party, not party over principle. We wanted to have input with the decisions of how candidates are selected. We want to eliminate the next-in-line, good-ole-boy or girl, back-room deal. We must deal in the reality of now, what is our current condition.

Elise Stefanik recognizes the importance of fiscal sanity. She has been in the 21st Congressional race since last August, when she and everyone else thought the incumbent Owens would be her opponent. Elise is bright, intelligent and able to handle tough questions with her own mind. Elise is concerned about our future here in northern New York. Elise has presented herself as a dignified, mature woman and will not be an embarrassment to our district. Elise is a breathe of fresh air in the district and will represent all the constituents well with utmost sincerity and dignity.

Please vote for Elise Stefanik, 21st Congressional District, on Primary Day, June 24, noon to 9 p.m.

Ron Deeley