Rail trails connect people with nature

To the editor:

I am writing to support the Dick Beamish commentary of June 13 for an Adirondack Park multi-use trail, and to add the health-enhancing component of green spaces to his economic argument. I think it can best be summed up by quoting Daniel Chu from the July-August issue of Sierra magazine:

“(C)onnecting people with nature, whether it be Yosemite or a city park, is also an issue of equity and accessibility. Just because you can’t get to a huge, remote place like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, it’s still a place that you should care about. And a way you can care about it is by engaging with a green space close to home. Getting outdoors is also just good for the community. Having healthy wild places is critical to having healthy people.”

The Virginia Creeper Trail is contributing much to the collective health of our community in addition to being an economic asset. I would project the same impact for your proposed trail.

Wayne Miller


Virginia Creeper Trail Club

Abingdon, Virginia