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My first article about Vehicle and Traffic Law and traffic safety was issued in January 2007. Thus the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board is now in the eighth year of writing these articles -?more than 375 of them.

In so doing, I, as the author of these articles, have certainly learned much about VTL and traffic safety. As a long-time resident of Malone, a day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t ask me a question about something traffic-related, or bring to my attention a complaint about some traffic issue.

Although I most always include the website for the TSB, where all the articles can be accessed, and my email address is included with the weekly articles in the Malone Telegram and the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, there are some readers that don’t have access to email and would perhaps like to ask a question via a phone call. Thus, I will try to add my phone number as a contact for VTL and traffic safety questions.

Over the past seven plus years, I have made many contacts with people in positions to address VTL and/or traffic issues, and have established a good report with these persons and/or their agencies. Furthermore, our TSB has expertise that can address many issues. Thus, through these weekly articles, I am offering to be the “point” man for your questions and/or complaints. My email address and phone number will be found near the end of future “Safety on the Roads” articles, and if you have a pressing question or problem, please contact me. I’ll give this a try until we realize there isn’t enough interest, or the other extreme too many to handle.

Driving is like the weather – it affects everyone. What I’ve realized over these years is that there is a great deal of VTL that many drivers don’t understand. And there are questions as to why signs are placed where they are, or signal lights are operating the way they do.

I will do my best to respond to anyone that contacts me – sometimes I will know the answer right off. Other times I will have to get answers, but I will do just that. Also, sometimes I will not agree with your suggestions, or I may give you a reason for something that you don’t agree with, but I will respond.

Lastly, I feel that I have concentrated too much on Malone at the exclusion of Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake. This is only because I am here, in Malone, daily, and in the south end of Franklin County only occasionally. So, I welcome questions or topics from those two communities that residents there would like addressed.

So, to contact me with your comments/questions, call me at 518-483-1882 or send an email to dwerner1551@verizon.net. You may also write to me, Dave Werner, at 151 Franklin St., Malone, NY 12953.

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