Sad to hear Lennon is leaving board

To the editor:

I was saddened to hear of the resignation of Saranac Lake’s school board president. Deb Lennon has served very well in this capacity, and it will be a loss to the community.

I would like to suggest Lisa Paschke be reinstated for another year as she had the next highest vote count after the two newly elected members. She will be finishing out her current term this summer and has a working understanding of the board’s procedures and the issues they face. With two new members due to start in July, her experience will be an asset.

In addition to her experience, I believe she has always held the taxpayer’s concerns first and foremost. She has no conflicts of interest as far as family members working within the district and would be able to vote on all matters that arise before the board.

To hold another election would be costly for the taxpayers, an unnecessary expense considering the last vote was very recent. The most prudent action would be to have Ms. Paschke fill Lennon’s empty seat. I would ask that you write to the Board of Education if you agree, or voice your opinion at the next meeting.


LeeAnne Baker

Saranac Lake