Matt Funiciello made a good impression

To the editor:

Thank you, CAP-21 and View, for hosting a political forum of our congressional district candidates. I was not looking forward to hearing the “political jargon” of the well-funded PACs and outside interests. However, I found two interesting candidates, Aaron Woolf and Matt Funiciello, and was provoked into doing some serious thinking about our choices and what direction I would like to see our representative take.

Every parent reaches that stage when their child gives them that look, that “Give me a break” look. That “I’m not falling for that” look. If any of you traveled route 81 through Binghamton in the ’80s, you might remember a huge chair on a building along the highway. We told our daughter the chair was for the Jolly Green Giant to rest in after planting vegetables to harvest. She always looked for the chair, hoping to see the giant resting. One day she was napping as we went by, and we told her she missed the giant. We said it. We were the adults, the smart people, so she believed it. It must be true … until one day we got that “look.” Oh-oh. She figured it out, but also she now evaluated all of the statements from big people for truth. Trust issues. The bridge was crossed, no going back.

We reached the point where you have to treat your child like an equal, an adult who can handle the truth. You don’t sugarcoat things any longer, and your job is to develop an independent thinker who will be able to go out into the world as a confident, problem-solving adult. So what’s up with these politicians who think we adult voters are still children who can’t think for ourselves and are going to fall for their ridiculous assertions of a truth they have constructed? Trust your instincts. If it sounds wrong, it most likely is.

We need politicians who will talk to us like a parent we can trust. Tough love, straight talk about the things we must do to prosper and succeed. Not a “truth” they constructed to gain power and influence. Power and influence not only for themselves, but for their private club of greedy corporate bosses and lobbies who really want to use these politicians to expand their power, influence and profits.

Listen to their statements, and evaluate them. Does it make sense? Who is influencing them to say that? Does it impact you or is it just an emotional pitch to get you to react? More importantly, is it based on fact or twisted half-truths?

I think I have found a candidate I can trust. He wasn’t chosen by outside influences, nor anointed by Karl Rove or any huge PAC seeking his influence. I will be listening to Matt Funiciello from now until November and hoping he retains my trust. What he has said so far shows he is truly interested in the people of this district and the protection of our resources, the growth of our economy and the preservation of our rights. I will be listening for constructive solutions, not attacks and negative ads. I want to know what a candidate can and will do. Tell us more, Matt. I want to hear more from you.

Paula Weal

Old Forge