Proposed hotel would be bad for Saranac Lake

To the editor:

It’s been 50 years since I first came to Saranac Lake. In fact, the first night I spent here was at the Lakeside Motel. I can remember the sight of the village nestled around the lake, surrounded by the mountains, and how welcoming and serene it appeared then, and still does.

The thought of a large hotel occupying this space is distressing. The proposed plans show an unimaginative, overwhelming structure that would block views both from the land and the water. The traffic there would become dangerous and unmanageable, and would make one of the major entrances to our village confusing and unattractive. It would irrevocably diminish one of the first impressions of Saranac Lake.

The renovation of the Hotel Saranac should be enough for the village. We don’t need, and probably in the end wouldn’t be able to support, a “destination resort,” especially right there where it has been proposed. There are plenty of those in Lake Placid. Saranac Lake is a lovely place to be, a place to come to for beauty and health and restoration. We have the hotel and several other motels for our visitors, who prefer the quiet here to the hustle and bustle of other communities.

The best idea I have heard is to continue the park right around the curve in the road, with grass and lights and walking paths where the three motels are now, according to the old plans. Building this massive hotel there would destroy much of the character of our village.

Eleanor Sweeney

Saranac Lake