Help at Saranac Laboratory is appreciated

To the editor:

Sometimes a person sets high standards for his work and uses his own imagination to make things better. Cliff Cochran, of Cochran Excavating, volunteered to plant grass in the backyard garden now evolving behind the Saranac Laboratory on Church Street. The work ultimately included dealing with a mysterious pipe that ended in the middle of the yard and a gravel path to separate the parking area from the lawn. Then Cliff was asked if there was some extra soil that could be used to help build up the bank next to the Medical Associates parking area. He saw that the area needed a clear definition of the parking lot to protect the lab’s trees, so he added a couple of concrete bumpers as well as soil and, of course, grass seed to make it all look nice.

So thanks to Cliff (our hero!), a lovely lawn is now beginning in our backyard garden, protected by a fine new path and much-needed, much-appreciated, border reinforcements. The yard has recently been developed with a cedar fence, concrete walkways, a rose bush hedge (now blooming!) and various shrubs creating a landscaped back entrance to the John Black Room. There is a sign interpreting the concrete pad which was the floor of the building that housed animals during tuberculosis research days. We invite you to come and take a peak as it adds to our interpretation of history and becomes a place where those using the John Black Room for various events can also share a lovely garden.

In addition to Cliff, others who have contributed to the backyard garden are Elaine Holmlund, Jan Dudones, Ruth Chasolen and Todd Bailey.

As the volunteer gardener (and a board member), I want to offer my profound thanks to Cliff for his excellent work and to all of those who have helped and are now helping. I hope the garden will serve as a welcome to Hotel Saranac guests and a pleasure to all who visit the Saranac Laboratory.

Nancy Murphy