Thanks from Association of Senior Citizens

To the editor:

The Association of Senior Citizens in Franklin County Inc. would like to take this opportunity to extend its appreciation to Yando’s Big M for their support of area seniors in need through its recent food drive. This food drive was held to provide food for the hungry in Franklin County. Yando’s success was due to the large response of its customers which provided the ASCFC and the Senior Volunteer Program with 139 food bags valued at $5 per bag.

On Monday, June 9, Yando’s delivered these food bags to the Catherine Street Annex for distribution. Susan Schrader, ASCFC director, headed the project by delivering them to the adult centers, CARES Unit, Office for the Aging and Department of Public Health.

Yando’s Big M, its staff and customers provided much more than donations and food products for the area’s hungry; they displayed an enormous spirit of caring and giving in offering this vital, humanitarian aid.

Mrs. Schrader would like to take this opportunity to thank Yando’s and its generous customers for their continued commitment and dedication to those less fortunate. It was most greatly appreciated and, by far, a huge success!

The ASCFC also wishes to acknowledge and offer its appreciation to the Adirondack Quilters Guild of Malone, for its generous donation of $1,500 to the ASCFC’s Franklin County Meals on Wheels Program.

The ASCFC’s Franklin County Meals on Wheels Program was acknowledged as the AQG’s 2014 recipient charity. The ASCFC held raffles for the AQG’s “Sonoran Sunset” quilt which generated enormous proceeds.

The Sonoran Sunset Quilt was entered in this year’s AQG exhibit of quilts and quilt work entitled “Grandma’s Quilt Cupboard,” which was held May 17 and 18 at the Holy Family School in Malone.

The proceeds on the sales of this exquisite “Sonoran Sunset” quilt brought about the substantial $1,500 charitable donation to the ASCFC’s Meals on Wheels Program by the AQG. This donation was presented to Susan Schrader, director of the ASCFC, by the AQG at the Malone Adult Center on Monday, June 30.

Susan Schrader offers her special note of thanks to the AQG for allowing the ASCFC to be an active part in this year’s quilt exhibit as its 2014 recipient charity, with a special note of admiration for the fine craftsmanship that goes into their most elaborate quilts.

Susan Schrader, director

Association of Senior Citizens in Franklin County Inc.